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The earliest plexiglass pieces involve the interrelationship between primary simplified forms. Circles and squares of various sizes were worked together to form the visual components of the sculpture. Later sculptures incorporate organic flow patterns that move through and across surfaces. This spatial interplay between simplified geometric shapes and organic form was later worked into the cast bronze pieces. Gallery

The plexiglass pieces incorporate mirrored surfaces to enhance the visual space within the sculpture and to involve the viewer and the surrounding setting within the reflections of the piece. There is a strong emphasis placed on figure-ground forms and their integration through color and shape.

The recent series called Summer Frolic deals with human figures in animated and contrapuntal relationships. These hydrostone and bronze sculptures express the playfulness one feels in the warmth of a summer's day. This series emphasizes the juxtaposition of the female figure and the interaction between their various forms.

Click here to read a wonderful article about my career from The Express, Lock Haven, PA, March 31, 2016.

Click here to view a video interview with Roger about his artwork techniques for a show from December 8, 2011 - January 21, 2012.
This interview was done by Gallary@Second.com.
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My drawings focus primarily in two areas, the female figure and studies from nature. The figure studies are strong contrasts of value and form and often show animated distortion. The drawings from nature are studies of nature's primary shapes and contrasting values. I draw only those elements necessary to capture the scene and often leave large areas of white remaining in the drawing. Gallery

Oil Paintings

Oil Paintings
My early paintings utilize abstract form and strong contrasting colors. There is some reference to real objects and places. My recent oils depict the landscape and are impressions of color and light found in nature. I render my forms in a simple manner so that the essential forms of nature are felt by the viewer. Gallery


I find myself using many of the same themes found in my drawings and paintings. I work primarily in intaglio but have also worked in lithography, serigraph, monotype and collagraph. I have developed two themes that reappear through out my prints; nature's landscape and the female form. The prints using the female form, often show an interplay of stylized female figures with concern for figure/ground relationship. This particular use of form can also be found in many of my sculptures. My prints are all originals. Gallery

Watercolor Paintings Watercolor Paintings
I approach my watercolors in a manner similar to my oils. My shapes are simplified almost to the point of abstraction. My colors are more subdued with nature's light and atmosphere playing an important roll. I wish to catch the moment with the simplest of strokes. Gallery
Watercolor Paintings Commission Pieces
Germination was a commission sponsored by PublicARTWORKS a committee of Lycoming County Celebrates The Arts Alliance, Williamsport, PA. Gallery